P.E: Athletics.

Year 2 began their new P.E unit this week. They started by learning how to sprint start from the correct position. They were amazing!

Art: Clay.

The children continued their sculpture work by using tools to create texture on a fish tile.


Year 2 started their new topic the sinking of The Titanic by looking at a secondary source to find information.We then placed a picture of The Titanic on a timeline and wrote facts underneath a photograph of the ocean liner.


P.E: Picture Orienteering.

Picture orienteering uses many of the skills that are required in orienteering. The children had to look for control points from a photograph of the area. They then found the letter clue and wrote it on their record sheet, these letters needed to be rearranged in order to complete the word and the task. Super job Year 2!


Year 2 have been comparing the human and physical features of The United Kingdom and Antarctica.

DT: Pizza!

The children finally made and ate their pizzas! Throughout this topic, the children have researched, sample tasted, designed and prepared the toppings for their pizzas. The children had a lovely afternoon making and  eating their finished product.


Eco afternoon.

As part of our Eco afternoon Year 2 investigated the causes and impact of Global Warming.We discussed what we could do to help slow down Global Warming in the future.